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Being an advocate in your own health journey can be overwhelming at first. Learning new terms, understanding the benefits and limitations of personalized medicine, and knowing where to find reliable medical information can be difficult. To help you throughout the process, we've gathered a number of resources to support you.

Medical Decision-Making

How to choose a doctor

Preparing for your first visit 

Can a second opinion make a difference?

When the first treatment doesn’t work

Clinical trial finder

Understanding unapproved use of approved drugs “off label”

What is palliative care?

A Black/African American's Guide to Pancreas Disease

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing: What you should know 

How to find a genetic counselor

What do the results of genetic tests mean?

Will my insurance cover the costs of genetic testing?

Insurance and Finance

Understanding health insurance

Finding care when uninsured

How to file an appeal

Financial resources for cancer patients

Will my insurance cover the costs of genetic testing?

Pharmaceutical assistance programs

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